Customer Rewards

Frequent Buyer Program – Customer Rewards

Buy 12, Get One FREE

This is a consumer rewards program. The customer keeps the UPC’s or Proof of Purchase (All new packaging has Proof of Purchase Icon) and original sales receipts for 12 items. These may be different recipes but must be the same type of product (nuggets, bars, chubs or cases). Consumer sends in the proof of purchase and sales receipts to Northwest Naturals. (Address on NWN coupon)

Once received and processed, Northwest Naturals sends the customer a voucher for the free product of equal or lesser value. The customer takes the voucher to an independent retailer to receive their free product. If you are purchasing large amounts or cases, please give your retailer a call and make sure they have enough products in stock.

Make sure you use it right away, there is an expiration date on your voucher. Retailer will submit the voucher to their distributor for credit.

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